I built my first digital product

I built my first digital product
Cloud Silicon Content Library

Hey, Data gigs.

This is my first post writing to you in this exclusive community, and I just wanted to share with you some exciting news.

I just built my first digital product. It's called the Cloud Silicon Content Library, and perhaps this could help you become a more valuable employee inside your company or even if you want to build your product in the future using Cloud-based technologies.

It's a culmination of months and months collecting, organizing and tagging the best content related to Cloud-focused CPUs, and especially focused on how to save money with this new kind of infrastructure on major cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure and much more.

Let me give a simple example to give you a better overview of what you will find there. Let's say that your company is using AWS to develop the products, and one of the services that the team uses is AWS Aurora.

Your boss and you want to know how could you save some money with the service, and how to make the operations more efficient.

There is a lot of content out there to do this, but with the content library I built here, you just simply make a quick search there, and voila, you will get something like this

AWS Aurora

So, it's a fast, easy, and convenient way to have everything in one single place. That's the value of the content library.

Perhaps you are wondering for yourself:

How could this be valuable to me?

It's straightforward: this is one of the thousands of ways you could find in the content library to save some buck for your company, and if you play your cards correctly, this could be setting a great path for a deserved promotion inside your organization.

Who knows !!!

These are the main reasons why I built something like this, and it's open now to the public.

Cloud Silicon Content Library
1500+ curated resources will help you get the best value for AWS Silicon chips optimized for the cloud (AWS Graviton, AWS Inferentia, AWS Trainium, and AWS…

Enjoy the content. and if you have any feedback (good or bad), just send me a message to marcos@interestinggigs.com

Marcos out